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Batteries & Exhausts

The battery in your car is like it's heart. If it is not working, your car will not be able to start which will leave you late for your job or appointment.

We use so many different charging devices in our cars these days, for example, ipod chargers, GPS units, mobile phones and in car entertainment. Because of these, there is so much extra strain on the cars battery and is ofter one of the most overlooked parts in your car.

We stock the very best brands of car and van batteries and offer a very fast fit to ensure you are up and running again in little time. Call in today for a quote.

Why should you replace your exhaust?

If your exhaust system is damaged, it should be replaced because toxins burned off within it may cause the following:

  • Rust to build up on the exhaust system over time

  • Increased fuel consumption and running costs

  • If you exhaust is damaged it can allow toxic gases into the cockpit of your car and can cause drowsiness and headaches

  • You can call in to our depot to have your exhaust inspected and we can advise you of your options.

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